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Inspiring everyone to...

                                                                                   "Live for your dreams, not to let your dreams only live in your dreams."

Guru Kc's Experiences

Get ready to embark on the life of an aspiring rabbi.

Join me as I make this simple life of mine meaningful not only for me but also to others, and as I learn the simple things of every aspect to surpass avalanche like challenges someday.


Behind the username,

Welcome to Learn with Keen K!

I am glad you found this one in a million blog.

May I share to you first the meaning of my pen name "krichelleogenic" which is pronounced as kri•shēll•o•je•nik.

It all began from two words (1) Krichelle, and (2) -genic. According to sources, my name 'Krichelle' means full of life energy and creativity, while the suffix '-genic' means causing or to cause something or someone.

With this, I have decided to come up with the pen name "krichelleogenic" which then means causing someone/anyone to have full of life energy and creativity. Indeed, through my teachings that I will share, I aim to help my students to gain creativity to anything that they will do and thus gain energy to live each day.

Witness how I will do this dear Ma'am/Sir, as you read this blog which is made with love and patience.

Sincerely yours,

Krichelle R. Pacheco



Brgy. 24, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, Philippines 2901


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