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“Filled with dreams in her eyes,

though bundled with fears every time,

she is packed with courage to experience different things in life.”

And all of that ‘she’ and ‘her’ is me.

Although I am a nobody compared to the world’s population of 7 billion, in my own small world, I try to matter. I try to be someone you recognize - someone who is learning, someone who is happy, somehow me.

My name is Krichelle R. Pacheco and I was born on the 7th of August, 1998 at San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. My parents are Eliezer C. Pacheco and Marites R. Pacheco. They are the ones who are making my life meaningful and full of happiness. If it is not for them, the days that would pass by would not be completed.

Moreover, I have 3 older sisters, Cathlene P. Flood, Rowena R. Pacheco, and Eliz P. Dela Cruz. Gratefully, they all have graduated in college already and thus currently working for their lives. I am the youngest among my sisters. This is the reason why I get to enjoy my childhood; I have my sisters who know things better than me – those things that could guide me as I grow.

I am the type of a girl who loves walking around trees or along the beach, biking with friends, reading novel books and more importantly, the bible, writing poems, essays, etc., watching sad, rom-com, thrill, adventurous, and sometimes sci-fi movies, and taking pictures with nature. I am in love with color pens, shoes and sandals. Lastly, I upload photos to save memories.

As for my education life, I studied at Filipinas East Elementary Education and graduated as Salutatorian in Kindergarten and was awarded With Distinction when I finished elementary and high school. And now I am studying at Mariano Marcos State University – College of Teacher Education and I am currently taking Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English.

When I was in my early childhood, yes, I have truly enjoyed my typical roller coaster childhood life. It was not only full of heartbreaking moments (though probably only for me) such as making me go into bed at afternoon, turning off the television, not buying me candies or chocolates, but also some blissful moments such as piggybacking me when I get tired, giving me money to spend in Tom’s World (playground) and being with my parents when receiving ribbons or medals even with the simple ones.

Since then, I always tried to bring out the best in me. I tried to be good not only outside but also inside. I did my best even if others said that I can’t. I tried standing whenever I stumble. And yes, I tried to look at the good traits in different things.

However, when I grew older I started to know a lot of things about life already, I started to doubt and to look down to myself because of the things I found to others. It came to me that others can easily memorize a poem or an equation, others can be beautiful whenever they want, some can do things whatever they want, and lots of people have those things that I do not have and I cannot have. These broke my heart.

One day, I have read in the bible to not to let my adornment be external – the braiding of hair and the wearing of gold ornaments or fine clothing – but let it be the secret of person of the heart in the incorruptible adornment of the quiet and mild spirit, which is of great value in the eyes of God. This really helped me to always look at the brighter sides again. And this made me realize that what is more important is that to think about what is good in the eyes of Jehovah God, to think of God’s reaction to the things that we are going to do and to what we are going to ask from Him.

Indeed, I am not as intelligent as the other people but what makes me on the par is that I possess an undying patience and righteousness that would help me finish all the tasks and responsibilities that are given to me. Also, since I am known for being an optimistic student, I take every assignment as bridges to experience things and to gain knowledge from these experiences.

Thus, as an aspiring teacher, I am happy to welcome any tasks and projects that would help me in expanding my knowledge and as well as my life’s skills. Moreover, as one of the students of a college that is tagged as the Center of Excellence, Mariano Marcos State University – College of Teacher Education, I have been taught of the core values which are upholding knowledge, possessing inclusiveness, professionalism and spirituality and social responsibility. These are the values that would help me become a promising teacher.

Yes, I am a pre-service teacher who loves and wants to learn more from my teachers, my instructors, from different kinds of people and from you, Ma’am and Sir.

To end this autobiography of mine, may I share to you an acrostic poem about myself that I have made...

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